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Buy American Silver Eagle Coin Mint Box (aka Monster Boxes) – 500 oz per box

The American Silver Eagle Coin arrives from the US Mint in bulk green colored cases containing 500 oz total of 1 oz American Silver Eagle coins (tightly secured in 25 x 20 pcs protective US Mint Silver Eagle Coin tubes). Within the silver bullion coin industry, US Mint Silver Eagle Coin Cases or Mint boxes are also informally referred to as ‘Monster Boxes’. The American Silver Eagle monster box is an American classic packaged for serious bulk silver bullion coin buyers. 

The Silver Eagle Coin box contains 500 oz of silver in total, making this monster box of silver valued by many buyers. An American Silver Eagle Coin case contains the majestic Silver American Eagle Coin, the most popular silver bullion coin worldwide in terms of overall sales volumes. A monster box of American Silver Eagle Coins holds 500 pcs of 1 oz American Silver Eagle Coins symbolizing American strength and pride. 

First minted in 1986, the American Silver Eagle Coin is widely considered one of the most beautiful silver American coins ever minted. This monster box of silver gives you that beauty in each of the 500 American 1 oz Silver Eagle Coins. Silver Eagle monster box prices are advantageous to bulk silver bullion coin buyers, as Kitco offers this silver monster box for sale at low silver coin prices buyers will appreciate.

Kitco offers the Silver American Eagle monster box for sale on our online store. Add this Silver American Eagle monster box to your holdings and buy your Silver Eagle monster box today.

The 1 oz Silver American Eagle Coin is one of the US Mint’s all-time bestsellers, of all the silver coins for sale. Over 500 million of these silver bullion coins have been sold since the first mintage. The silver weight, silver content, and silver purity of Silver American Eagle Coin is guaranteed by the government of the United States of America. In addition to the 1 troy ounce silver weight and $1 USD face value, a silver eagle and a shield appear on the reverse surface of the 1 oz American Silver Eagle Coin. 

The design of the obverse surface, upon which the year of mintage is inscribed, is based on Adolph A. Weinman’s “Walking Liberty” half dollar that was introduced in 1917. 

Buy 500 American Eagle Silver Coins today by purchasing this American Silver Eagle Coin monster box.

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