Best 10 Hotels Near Ole Dallas Brewery from USD 78/Night-Gastonia for 2022 |

When me and my girlfriend arrived to the hotel The front desk worker basically showed no initial to give me any customers service and continued to have a personal phone call with me standing in front of her coming to check in for at least five minutes while she finish off her personal phone call then once she finish her personal phone call she checks us in so me and my girlfriend goes up to the room and we get situated go get food and we come back a little later on that night my girlfriend goes to the bathroom and she notices a bug in the shower so I go inside I see the bug its is a roach. and we pretty much called my mother who works for Hilton and let her know that there is a bug in the bathroom so I recorded it and I took a picture of the bug that was in the shower and once we informed her that it was a bug in the shower we called The front desk and also informed her as well that there is a bug in our shower and once we got downstairs and show her the video and picture of the bug all she did was just shrug her shoulders and pretty much say well since we already in the room he should go away she showed no initial try to say OK we could switch your room and I’m sorry for the inconvenience. So to take it even further than that she pretty much was like well we can only refund you for one night if you switch room but if not then you could just stay And the bug will leave. She was rude and I had a attitude because we were any rubbing her night of her sitting at a desk watching games and playing videos on her phone while we were dealing with the situation of a bug in our bathroom that we paid for two night for. And after all of this because we didn’t like the customer service and we complained and left a review currently our Hilton honors discount is now suspended because they did not like our review on they’re customer service or the fact that they did not want to sit there and help us on resolving the situation on switching our rooms and refunding us our money because we were not satisfied with our stay at the Hilton hotel in Gastonia North Carolina P.s. If the front Dess lady is a big Caucasian lady who is missing teeth and wears glasses walk out the hotel because she is rude to her customers and she would rather talk on the phone with her friends and family than to actually do her job to help you ask the customer

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