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I’m not gay, but i know some who are, i do not speak out loud for the LGBTQ community either, because i dont feel too, but thanks to everybody enlightning us not knowers with this film this music, this love faith and hope.
i have an easy agenda that to be good to everybody doesnt hurt anybody , and the film is an approval that even the smallest thing might help and save.
as a film product , i’m a little confused about wether it is a protest against the mormone community or a personal promotion towards the music,or if its a 100 percent love for the cause. i hope the net income of the festival and the film is building a fund that can help and mission people in the LGBTQ community in the mormon society in the state of utah , with for instance 24 hour call centers, emergency safe house clinics for people in existential crisis and so on.
i’m raiding on the imagine dragon wave myself these days, watching their show in oslo norway in april 2018 , the best gig ever ive been to, so i feel kinda influenced by this when writing this review.
watch the film,youll never regret that, you might save a life believe it or not……..

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