Bank Account related fees | Scotiabank Canada

Certified cheques
At your request:
At your holder’s request:
who is a Scotiabank customer
who is not a Scotiabank customer
Stop payment of cheque or pre-authorized debit
If details are complete:
If details are incomplete:

Cheque processed in foreign currency on a Canadian Dollar account where the Canadian equivalent of the cheque amount is
Under $1,000:
$1,000 and over:
Cheque processed on your account where your account and bank identification numbers are not fully MICR-encoded
Cheque or other debit item returned for insufficient funds (NSF)
Each cheque or pre-authorized debit deposited and subsequently returned (for third part items deposited to your account)
No Charge
Each non-government cheque cashed by a non-Scotiabank customer
Teller-assisted bill payment
Processed through a Scotiabank account:
No Charge
(debit transaction fees apply)
Paid in cash:
Paid by cheque drawn from another financial institution:

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