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ARA is a new content protocol with decentralized rewards and distribution. Developers can build apps on a strong infrastructure, and save on content delivery costs.
The community-driven platform and developer SDKs leverage distributed computing, blockchain technology, and the sharing economy to make the delivery and sale of assets quick, cost-effective, and secure.
The ARA protocol suite and decentralized service platform is upheld by a secure distributed file system, decentralized human-meaningful identities, and a global incentives marketplace. ARA uses decentralized identifiers—verifiable platform-wide passports—to return ownership of that data back to users. The platform reinvents the meaning of cloud computing by leveraging unused storage and bandwidth of devices around the world, the immutability and public-verifiability of blockchain technology, reputation systems, and network externalities to form a cheaper and more secure, global decentralized content delivery network. Users can spend tokens to upload and download content or stake them to earn rewards, establishing a complete token economy where users spend and earn the same tokens across all applications built on the platform and removing the need for management of multiple accounts and wallets.

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