ANTHEM Coin – How to Get Coin

Anthem Coin Guide

How do you get Coin in ANTHEM? Coin is the game’s main currency, and you use it to buy cosmetic items like Javelin skins, paints, material textures, and emotes. Unlike Shards, the game’s premium currency that can be bought with real money, Coin is earned in-game, and it’s fairly easy to come across if you know how to get it.

How to get Coin in ANTHEM

To get Coin in ANTHEM, you need to complete challenges.

Here’s a rundown of what challenges are:

  • You can find a list of challenges in the main pause menu. This list shows you both the challenge that you need to complete, and how much Coin you get as a reward.
  • Under ‘Path to Glory’ on the challenge menu, you’ll find Daily, Weekly, and Monthly challenges. These challenges are refreshed every day, week, and month, respectively. These challenges will become your main, consistent source of Coin.
  • The other lists below Path to Glory contain specific challenges to do with combat, exploration, collecting equipment, and more. These challenges can’t be repeated, so you’ll only get one helping of Coin from each of them.

In a nutshell, completing your Daily and Weekly challenges will be your go-to method of earning Coin, especially once you’ve played through much of the game and you’ve ticked off a lot of the non-repeatable challenges.

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