Along With Là Gì – Along With Someone/Something

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Most of the other language features had a set of benefits in development along with drawbacks to performance.
A similar reflection occurs later at the other end and a wave, once started, will move back and forth along the chain.
Referring to figure 2, let us use pi to denote the displacement of the mass mi from its rest position along the line.
Problems of mappings of information from one medium to another are considered, along with problems of reception for artworks made with these methods.
Second, there are many fundamental relationships about existing retirement income systems not well-understood, along with the responses of individuals and firms to these systems.
The unit vector ui along the axis of the fixed revolute joint of the universal joint is determined from the geometry of the mechanism.
The first and second legs provide two constraints on the rotation of the moving platform about the z-axis and the translation along x -axis.


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