Alinx Tsueon (10 Years)

“I’ve grown, but now I’m truly meaningless..”

10 Year Alinx Tsueon is an OC for Devil Beater that will PROBABLY be bought in.


Alinx looks almost the same as her past 10 year self, except that she now wears a Trinity Corp. Ushanka, which covers her purple dyed hair.


(Passive) Frozen Alive
Every 15 seconds, Alinx will lose 2 speed. She stops losing speed at 20.
(LMB) Cold.
Releases pure ice flakes from her body, creating a small ice wave that does low damage.
1.25 seconds
(E) Fwuuuuuu-
Releases a cloud full of ice, which moves forward and rains ice shards down, each one doing low damage.
125 (Each Shard)
6 seconds
(R) Frozen Spirals
Alinx launches two vertical spirals of ice into the air, then rains it all down at once for high damage.
15 seconds
(F) The Truth.
Alinx unleashes her true form, turning into a ghost as a large shockwave of ice flies from her body, doing crazy damage. As a ghost, Alinx is now able to fly, but can only use her abilities. She turns back into her normal form after 20 seconds.
28 seconds

10 Year Training..

Alinx moved away to a small town that had a endless winter, where she trained for 4 years in peace. However, after those 4 years ended, Alinx had a run-in with Akuma himself. (Probably won’t be canon if 10 Year Alinx is added, unless I get permission.) After ending up in a one-sided fight, Alinx ended up being killed. Alinx was presumed dead from that point on until 2 years after her “death”. She was mysteriously resurrected, taking the form of herself before she died, except that there was now a mark in the purple part of her hair, revealing that she wasn’t completely alive. Due to this, she’s able to turn into a ghost whenever she pleases, but can only remain that way for 20 seconds. She continued training for the next 4 years, wearing an ushanka to cover the mark that’s on her hair.


Alinx is rather depressed now and looks down on herself all the time. This is because of her death to Akuma and the fact that she isn’t fully human now. Whenever she screws up, she gets mad at herself. Whenever she finally achieves something she’s struggled with, she becomes disappointed at the fact that she struggled to do something. Whenever she does something easily, she gets mad at the fact that she didn’t challenge herself hard enough. She tries to hide the truth when talking to people, although it ends up coming out most of the time. When talking to others, she acts like she’s still human, even though she’s not.


No official relationships as of now.


  • Alinx actually being a ghost wasn’t originally going to be canon.
  • She no longer hates ice.

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