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There a total of 12 side quests in this game. None of them are hard, but a couple are time consuming. Side quests show up as blue question mark icons on the map. You will know when you are near side quest because the quest giver will have a blue beam of light on them. Unfortunately there is no quest log in this game, which is a huge bummer. However, just check back here for information on each quest when you start them.

Listed below is every single side mission, the location to unlock them, and how to complete them:

  1. In the Candy Kingdom there will be a candy person near the beginning that will ask you to collect 4 bags and bring them back to her. Complete this ASAP when you enter the Candy Kingdom because she will reward Jake with a really useful Boomerang move when kept upgraded, will make the rest of the game easier.
  2. After recruiting Marceline and heading back to the front gate to board your ship, you will find a mother that has lost her ten candy children. When you find a child, you must pick them up and bring the back to your ship. To drop children off that you have found, you will need to pull the ship up next where the mom is by the Candy Kingdom gate. Read further down to know the locations for all the kids.
  3. Defeat the Kraken! This side quest will unlock when leaving the Candy Kingdom for the first time. Nothing is hard about this side quest. It will take awhile to complete though. The Kraken will randomly pop up while sailing the high seas. You will need to shoot him with the cannon. Each time you do, you will deal some damage and he will retreat. The health lost will save each time you shoot him. Eventually you will have done enough damage to defeat him and the side quest will complete.
  4. Destroy the junk surrounding Mushroom Island. The Mushroom Island is an optional area in the middle of the map. Simply dock at Mushroom Island and talk to the quest giver. Afterwards, get on your boat and destroy the ten junk items surrounding the island. 
  5. Destroy the ten stinky spores in the Evil Forest. The quest giver is Peppermint Butler. Some will be on land, and some will have you get on your ship and destroy some on the water with the cannon. Nothing too difficult here.
  6. Defeat the seven pirate ships spread throughout the sea. This side quest will be unlocked when leaving the Evil Forest for the first time. Simply defeat all 7 ships and the side quest will be completed. Locations seem to be set, but they also move around a little in said area. The map isn’t that big and you will most likely defeat most of them before even trying to finish the side quest. There are two at the bottom left of the map that you may have missed if you are still looking for ships. Make sure to finish this side quest before beating the final boss. Check the bug note further down for more information.
  7. Find and collect the ten missing penguins. This side quest will be unlocked after returning the crown to the Ice King. For more information on this side quest, take a look at Gold Now Stay Put!.
  8. Fix the flood gate in the Candy Kingdom. This will be in the area where you recruit Marceline. You will need to rescue BMO before you can finish this side quest. Once you have BMO, return and interact with the keypad. Easy side quest finished!
  9. Collect the 12 apples for Treetrunks in the Evil Forest. The location of this side quest is in the left of the Evil Forest. From the beginning of the level use Jake on the left to get everyone up the cliff, open the gate with BMO and the side quest will start. You will end up using all 4 characters to collect all the apples.
  10. You will need catch 30 herrings for Prismo. Prismo is located inside of a portal in the Badlands. Badlands is an optional area in the southeastern part of the map. Once you have the quest simply catch any fish that randomly pop up in the water with Jake (press Circle). You can use BMO’s on the ship ability by pressing Triangle to see green arrows that are spawns for the fish. Catch 30 herrings and the side quest will automatically finish. 
  11. After you restore the Fire Kingdom core (story related), talk to Flame Princess’s sister on Firebreak Island. She will task you with defeating four groups of varmints. Simply defeat them all, and the side quest will complete.
  12. After you restore the Fire Kingdom core (story related), visit the optional area called Gelato Island. Gelato Island is located between Candy Kingdom and Ice Kingdom. Once there, talk to the candy person. They will task you with defeating some enemies to save the candy people.

Candy Children Locations:

  • Mushroom Island (2)
  • Evil Forest (2)
  • Badlands (2)
  • Fire Kingdom (3)
  • Matchbook Island (1)

There are a couple of tips to make this trophy more efficient. First is to make sure to keep note that you can only carry 6 candy children/penguins at all times. Second is to make sure to drop them off whenever you hit 6 so the maximum time is saved and not wasted.

Bug Warning: It is recommended that you complete all 12 side quests before beating the final boss (Gumbald) so you avoid a potential bug where a pirate ship or two do not spawn. Also check out 

Gold Now Stay Put!

 for more information on a very rare glitch that can happen that would make this trophy and that trophy impossible to complete without restarting the game.

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