Why do People Collect Coins?

Why do People Collect Coins?

Some people collect because they have the desire to own these small pieces of history. There is a love or fascination in owning these easily portable items. Coins can be miniature works of art, exhibiting a style and beauty all their own.

Collectors recognize not only are coins mediums of exchange – you could spend them at face value – but they are much more than that. If you are looking at a 1794 United States Large Cent, you are looking at a true piece of history, one that President George Washington may have held and admired in his own hands, having just been newly minted by the two-year-old United States Mint in Philadelphia.

There are many other reasons why someone puts the time, effort and money together to collect coins. An enjoyable hobby, a worthwhile pursuit, having items of historical significance or having a simple desire to accumulate are all common reasons.

There are many reasons why people collect coins. Each reason is as individual as each collector, but they all share the enjoyment or a love of the coins they collect.

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