What to do with AWC – Atomic Wallet Token : atomicwallet

So, I have 30 AWC-ERC20 in my wallet for some bit of time now. I think I got them around .07 USD and atm it’s at ~$1 USD. Which is great, however…

What can I do with these tokens?? Is there where a way to sell them? If so, how? I can’t sell them in Atomic Wallet, nor can I seem to find a way to convert them to any other coin (BTC, ETH, LTC, etc.) — idea being to convert –> transfer –> sell and get the cash.

I did see that one can “swap” the ERC20 for the BEP2-AWC, but the minimum is 50, so I’m 20 short… Is it possible for me to buy the 20 BEP2-AWC I’m lacking and swap to AWC-ERC20 (so then I would have 50)? Even if I did get 50 AWC on Binance, can I do anything with it on Binance???

Whatever am I to do?!

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