Dollar Bill


The design of the United States $1 bill is not only fascinating it is also incredibly mesmerizing when attention is paid to the intricacy of the artwork as well as the hidden message behind the carefully selected emblems. The symbols contain a deeper meaning than most know, telling a story of our nation’s past, along with the hope which our Founding Fathers carried for our infant nation.


A multitude of symbols containing hidden meanings exist within the design, Bellevue Rare Coins will begin by highlighting three elusive symbols of what may be obvious to some and less apparent to others.


The Pyramid


Many historians and numismatists believe the pyramid is representative of strength and duration because of the shadow cast upon the western face of the pyramid. This shadow symbolizes the land yet to be explored for a nationDollar Bill eye still developing.


The Eye


While the Pyramid was not meant to be included in the original plan for the seal, an “all-seeing” eye was. The eye is the ancient symbol of divinity, a motif which Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and John Adams found imperative to incorporate when designing the seal.


ThirteenDollar Bill eagle


The number 13 appears countless times on the $1 bill. Much like the stripes on the American flag, the 13 arrows, 13 olive branches, 13 olive fruits, 13 steps of the pyramid, 13 bars on the shield, and 13 stars floating above the eagle are
all symbolic of the original 13 colonies. Though it is more likely coincidence, “annuity coeptis” and “e pluribus unum” both contain 13 letters.



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