Skyrim Inspired Leather Coin Pouch/Dice Bag

For our bottom piece I used whats called a saddle stitch, which again has you using two needles to stitch through your holes.

Before we get into what this stitch is all about, flip your creation inside out, this way the seam you create will be on the inside and hidden from view. Again, grab your thread (make sure it’s waxed), two needles and keep your awl close at hand.

Put both needles on either end of your thread again and run one of the through your first hole in your stitching, then pull it until you have the same amount of thread on either side. Take up your first needle (either one it doesn’t really matter) and run it through the second hole, as you would normally.

Pull it tight once it’s through to the other side. Now grab the other needle and run it through the SAME hole as the first. Pull both threads hard to ensure your stitch is tight. In my opinion this is one of the stronger stitches as it allows you to place pressure on both sides of the leather at the same time forcing them together. Continue repeating this process until you reach the end or run out of thread, and don’t forget to reopen the holes with your awl! When you hit your last hole you have one last thing to do.

Stitch over your first few stitches again, only 2 or 3 holes worth, and push one of the needles through the next hole in line, and once it’s through pull the needle off the thread. This should leave you with both of your threads on the same side of the leather. Take your second needle and tie off your threads together, but leave the needle on the thread for now. I like a good strong standard double knot. Once you have it tied tight take your second needle and pass it through the hole, pulling tight so that your know winds up sandwiched in your leather. After this you can cut off the excess and flip your new bag rightside out!

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