Science Play: Make a Hanger Balance

Here’s a quick and easy balance you can rig up with your kids. Gather a few supplies, and you, too, can answer the burning question – which Chipmunk is the heaviest?


  • clothes hanger
  • yarn or string
  • paper or plastic cups (strawberry baskets work well, too)
  • hole punch
  • tape (optional)

I think you can see the simple assembly in the photo. Punch two holes in each cup, string with yarn, and tie to the hanger. My girls ended up taping the yarn to each end of the hanger, since heavy objects made the cups slide around.

Take turns holding the balance, or use a cabinet handle or door knob as a helper.

We had a fun time comparing the weights of remotes, crayons, coins, plastic animals, and of course, Chipmunks. (In case you are wondering, Simon was the heaviest. Maybe it’s his glasses?)

Happy playing!

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