How to buy Newly Listed Coins Faster?!?! : BitcoinMarkets

I keep seeing newly listed coins on binance shoot up huge percentages. Yet even when I follow the new coin announcements and try to buy the minute they hit the binance market the price seems to have already skyrocketed.

Just today I tried to buy BIFI as it was released at 9am UTC this morning. I was mashing the buy button as soon as it was listed. The opening price was 1200 but even trying to buy right away I only got it at 5000.

Is there a way to get into these coins before they are listed? Is there a way to buy in at the intro price? Am I just too slow? Is it bots buying it instantly at the intro price? What am I doing wrong because I want to profit on the new coin listings.

Please someone shed some light on this for me so I can know what to do. Thanks.

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