How to Link Call of Duty Mobile with Warzone – Notes Read

A little known tip that many players don’t know about: you can link Call of Duty Mobile with Call of Duty Warzone. By linking both games together, you can unlock special rewards in Call of Duty Mobile in the form of Warzone Coins.

It’s fast, simple and easy. Here’s a rundown of how to tie the two games together and be on your way to earning the rewards.

First, you need to create a Call of Duty / Activision account if you haven’t already. After creating an account, or if you already have one, follow these steps:

  • Download both games;
  • Sign in to both games with the same Activision account ;
  • Once your account is linked to both games, complete the Call of Duty Warzone tutorial.

Warzone coins must be delivered to your CoD Mobile mailbox within three days. Wait for the next opportunity when the coins are spent. These will be in your inbox, which is on the top options bar in Call of Duty Mobile, to the left of the settings and friends icons.

What is Warzone Coin?

Warzone Coin is a unique form of currency that can be collected by linking two games together . Unfortunately, this is a temporary promotion that has appeared twice since the launch of Call of Duty Warzone. However, it is no exaggeration to say that there will be no more promotional periods in the future.

Coins currently allow players to purchase a special Task 141 Solider from Duty Mobile’s Call. These characters are skins of the classic Call of Duty Modern Warfare characters, most notably Ghost, Captain Price and Gaz.

It’s pretty simple to link your Call of Duty Mobile account to Warzone, and it’ll take away all the hassle that comes with Warzone Coin promotions.

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