How many tokens can users get for ENS airdrop soon?

On November 3rd, Brantly Millegan, Director of Operations of Ethereum Domain Name Service (ENS), issued a post stating that the ENS airdrop claim will be opened on November 8, and users must claim the token before May 4, 2022, otherwise they will be transferred to the DAO Vault . The total amount of ENS tokens is 100 million, 25% of the total supply will be airdropped to users, and 25% will be given to ENS contributors (over 100 individuals and teams, and hundreds of Discord users), and the other 50% will be allocated To the DAO community vault.

Once the news was announced, it became a hot spot in the market. In this airdrop, there were more than 137,000 eligible addresses. The scale of this airdrop is gratifying. Just two short months ago, the large-scale airdrop of dydx once ignited the enthusiasm of the market, and the number of users who received the dydx empty investment qualification was “only” 36,000, which was less than one-third of this airdrop. .

But compared with the feast of dydx airdrop, although the scale of this airdrop is huge, the amount of money received per user is not as objective as dydx. After the airdrop rules were announced, users received mixed responses.

This ENS airdrop will be assigned to the registered or currently valid “.eth” second-level domain name registration address. The weight of the airdrop is mainly calculated based on the number of accounts, not the number of domain names. The formula is 0.27 multiplied by the number of days to hold at least 1 ENS domain name. Add 0.067 times the number of days until the domain name expires. If the account is additionally set to reverse resolution, the above result will be multiplied by 2.

The most striking point of the airdrop rules is that retroactive airdrop validity is based on addresses, not domain names. This means that an address holding more ENS domain names will not allow you to receive more airdrops. This distribution method is relatively fairer. This also means that this rule is not friendly to large households, and it is even more difficult for one person to receive thousands of token airdrops like dydx.

ENS giant whale, holds most of the domain names

According to Dune Analytics data, 403,873 ENS domain names have been created so far, held by 152,000 unique addresses. This includes approximately 280,000 domain names and 121,000 subdomains, as well as 2,427 non-.eth domain names. In all domain names, about 109,000 domain names have been set up for reverse resolution.

The ancient behavior of domain name hype has been born as early as the beginning of the Internet era, and there is no shortage of domain name merchants in decentralized domain name services.

How many tokens can users get for ENS airdrop soon?How many tokens can users get for ENS airdrop soon?How many tokens can users get for ENS airdrop soon?How many tokens can users get for ENS airdrop soon?

The number of ENS domain names held by domain name merchants is huge. According to etherscan data, there are already 20 wallet addresses holding more than 1,000 domain names. The address with the ending number “28e2” holds up to 40,798 ENS domain names, which is the largest holding address of the ENS ERC721 token, accounting for 29.1% of the total ENS. The ENS domain names held by the top 4 addresses alone account for more than half of the total ENS domain names.

Through Dune Analytics, we have found some early users who have used ENS many years ago. How many airdrops can these early users receive?

How many airdrops can Yuanzu-level ENS users receive?

Among the users we found, rilxxlir.eth is extremely dazzling. This is an experienced ENS user. This domain name was registered as early as 11:00 on May 9, 2017, and has been held for 1,626 days as of the snapshot. What is even more shocking is that this domain name has been renewed until May 4, 2030. According to the official airdrop rules, the time limit for calculating the airdrop rewards on the expiration date is 8 years. The user has reached the expiration date. In addition, this domain name has also been reversely resolved.

According to the formula, this user can get the airdrop reward: (1626*0.27+2920*0.067)*2=1270

This user may be the one who has received the most tokens in this airdrop. This value even exceeds the officially announced “maximum of 1179 tokens.” This data deviation may be caused by the inaccuracy of the magnitude of the weight coefficient. It can be regarded as a reasonable error.

Not many users registered for ENS on the first day (May 9, 2017). Rhythm found that a total of 29 ENS domain names were registered on this day, and 4 of them have been released due to failure to renew their fees in time.

Among the 29 domain names, in addition to rilxxlir, which is a very personal name, there are also domain names such as zhifubao.eth such as “squatting” and domain names with distinctive technical styles such as apt-get.eth. Sandbox is a domain name with a clear meaning. It is worth noting that the current meta-universe project The Sandbox was not born at that time, and no connection between the domain name and The Sandbox project party was found through the data on the chain.

How many airdrops can a typical user receive?

How many tokens can users get for ENS airdrop soon?How many tokens can users get for ENS airdrop soon?How many tokens can users get for ENS airdrop soon?How many tokens can users get for ENS airdrop soon?

Dune Analytics data shows that in this summer, the number of ENS domain name registrations has grown rapidly. We use June this year as the registration time of a typical ENS user to calculate the amount of airdrops.

If a typical user registered a 2-year ENS domain name on June 1 this year, and set up reverse resolution to calculate according to the formula, this user can get the airdrop reward: (153*0.27+*0.067)*2=160

If reverse analysis is not set, the amount that can be received will be halved, which is about 80.

Unlike some previous agreements that only need to interact to receive airdrops, ENS domain name registration and renewal require payment. This holding cost also makes it difficult for many batch interactive “wool parties” to enter this field at low cost. On the basis of 25 million tokens, the average amount of 139 thousand unique addresses that can be received per address is 180.

Through a set of officially public data, we can have a clearer understanding of the amount of airdrops:

Regardless of the factors of future extension, only the registration time is calculated, and a maximum of 789 tokens can be received.

Regardless of the time of registration, only the future renewal period will be calculated, and the maximum number of tokens will be 389 when the 8-year limit is renewed.

Meeting various conditions, an independent address can receive a maximum of 1179 tokens.

Although the transaction has not yet been opened, we can make a judgment based on the number of tokens alone. In a large-scale airdrop feast, ordinary users did not have a big gap with the “big players”. It can be said that this is relatively fair in recent large-scale airdrops. Once. On November 8th, the ENS airdrop will be officially opened for collection, and the specific situation of the airdrop distribution may be learned at that time.

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