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thinking about this phone makes me cry

i will start by saying this is mostly my fault. but writing this is making me feel better.
i’ve used the pixel since it came out because it has the best low light camera and i do graphic design and video in low light music venues so i loved the convenience of great pictures and video it takes in low light and not having to pull out my professional gear. i was so excited to use the new features of the 6pro and loved the phone until about 30 days out of the box it stopped charging and just wouldn’t turn on. i took it to a repair place that google referred me to and that was easy, but there was no repair for the problem and there were no new phones available at the time so i had to accept a refurbished one in place of the new one. the refurbished phone was okay. just like the first one, if it dies, you are really not going to be happy because it sometimes takes hours of charging to get it to turn back on..HOURS… not exaggerating. i just tried not to let it die and basically had ptsd from the time the new phone died and never turned back on again. well on to the part that is my fault. i somehow did not have insurance. not because it’s not a good idea, just because before this phone, my phone was pixel 4 and it would not have been worth paying the deductible. when i got the new phone i forgot to add insurance. fast forward to now ..i’ve had the phone for probably four months and i use an otterbox case. the sides are high on the rolled screen and i dropped it once and the lower left corner of the screen had a small chip… and the screen, although not obstructed by any crack at all, would not all…so i fired up my old pixel to take the 6 in for hopeful repair and in the process lost the 6 – misplaced. bummer. about to pay $2000 for a new phone. if you get this phone get the insurance and make sure you have a spare phone for these repairs. but i can’t say i’d even recommend it for someone who doesn’t do a lot of low light photography.

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