Easy Dinner Table Magic Tricks

Cups Up Bar Bet

Cups Up is a classic challenge that’s more “sucker trick” than magic. It’s a “do as I do,” but because you will handle each setup of cups, your volunteer will fail at recreating your results.

The goal of the game is to get all three cups in a line with the mouth up. Each player gets three consecutive turns to do this. A player can move two cups at a time with each turn.

Your turn is first. Set your three cups in a line, with the first face-down, the second face-up, and the third face-down.

  • First turn: Turn over the first cup and turn over the second cup.
  • Second turn: Then turn over the first cup and the third cup.
  • Third turn: Finally turn over the first cup and the second cup.

You should now have all cups in a line with the mouths up.

Now, it’s the other person’s turn; however, you will set up the cups so the first and third cups are face-up and the second cup is face-down. This renders it impossible to get all of the cups facing up in three turns as you did the first time around.

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