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 **  DARK CLOUD 2  -  PLAYSTATION 2         **
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 **  FAQ - WEAPON BASICS                    **
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 **  by: KitKatt (Kay Allan)                **
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 **  Version 1.0 Completed Dec 10, 2003      **
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 *                          TABLE OF CONTENTS                          *
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    1. Dark Cloud 2 Weapon Build-Up.
       * Weapon Upgrade Definitions. 
       * Weapon Abilities & Attributes.
       * Other Weapon Definitions In This FAQ. 
    2. Types of Weapons.
       * Right-Hand Weapons.
       * Left-Hand Weapons.
       * The Ridepod.
       * Monster Badges.
    3. Weapon Stats.
       * Weapon Guages.
       * The Status Screen (Attributes).
       * Attribute Descriptions.
       * The Build-Up Screen (Upgrades).
       * Accessing The Weapon Status Screen.
    4. Building Weapons: The Synthesis Process. 
       * 'End-of-Line' Weapons.
       * 'Spectrumize' and 'Synthesize'.
       * Synthesis Points.
       * Items That Can Be Synthesized.
       * Making a Weapon into a Synth Sphere.
       * Steps in the Synthesizing Process


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 +                   1. DARK CLOUD 2 WEAPON BUILD-UP                   +
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 > Max's Ridepod and Monica's Monster Transformations are treated as 
   weapons in this FAQ.

 > Why bother to build up weapons?
   >> Max and Monica are only able to increase their HP and their 
      defense through Power-Up Items. 
      + These come only as the georamas are put together. 
      + The increase in either HP or defense comes slowly. 
   >> In order to reduce the chance of damage in battle, the faster 
      the monster can be taken out, the better.
      + For a monster to be killed with only one or two blows, it 
        is ESSENTIAL to build up weapons as quickly as possible. 
      + The problem is this process requires a lot of battles:
        - Each weapon being upgraded needs to kill a lot of 
        - For full success in the game, there really is no way 
          around it. 

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 **        Weapon Upgrade Definitions       **
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 > The game uses two terms: 'Leveling Up' and 'Building Up'. 
   - The two terms have quite different meanings.

 Leveling Up

 > This refers to the process of increasing the stats of the current 
   >> As it 'levels up', the weapon's name remains the same.
   >> A weapon starts at level 'zero' (no number attached to the name).
   >> As the levels increase, the weapon's name has + and a number 
      added to its name, for example:
      + A Stinger Wrench that is at the 5th level: 
        - 'Stinger Wrench+5'. 
      + A Destruction Armlet at the 12th level:
        - 'Destruction Armlet+12'. 

 Building Up

 > This refers to the process of changing the current weapon to a new 
   one that is better and stronger. 
   >> The new weapon has a different name without any + amount (the 
      level of the new weapon is zero). 
   >> The new weapon has to be leveled up again. 
   >> You will probably have to level up more times each time you 
      build up to another weapon as the weapon becomes stronger.
      + For example (these numbers are approximate):  
        - Classic Gun --> Trumpet Gun ....... may only need +2 to +3.
        - Trumpet Gun --> Grenade Launcher .. may need +5 to +8.
        - Grenade Launcher --> Dark Viper ... may need +12 to +15.
        - Dark Viper --> Supernova .......... may ned +18 to +22.

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 **      Weapon Abilities & Attributes      **
 *                                           *

 The Manual describes 'Special Abilities' and 'Abililties'. 

 > That does not really distinguish between the two. 
   >> The word 'Attribute' is a better word to: 
      + Describe the characteristics the Manual calls 'Abilities'. 
      + Makes a better distiction between the two.
   >> The Word 'Ability' describes the characteristics the Manual calls 
      'Special Abilities'.

 > For this FAQ: 
  >> 'Ability' means 'something the weapon is able to do'; 
     for example: 
     + If the weapon has the ability 'Bandit', it is able to sometimes 
       steal an item from a monster.
     + If the weapon has the ability 'Wealth', it is able to force the 
       monsters to give up more gold. 
  >> There are 12 abilities but a maximum of 8 can be added to 
     any weapon.
     + An ability is usually added to the weapon by synthesizing a 
     + The ability remains (apparently without change) unless you 
       synthesize its opposite to the weapon at which point the ability 
       disappears. For example: 
       - If a weapon has the Ability 'Poverty' (fewer gilda),  
         synthesizing a 'Wealth' coin to that weapon, simply wipes 
         out the poverty aspect. 
         # This restores the collection of guilda to 'normal'. 
         # If you want more gilda from the monsters, then you'd have 
           to synthesize a second 'Wealth' coin to the weapon. 
         # A'Poverty' coin would wipe out 'Wealth'.
  >> The strength of an ability does not seem to be changed by either 
     leveling up or building up the weapon. 
     + The ability does NOT come into effect every time you use the 
       - It seems to be random. 
     + It is possible that the ability comes into effect more frequently 
       as the weapon builds up, but there is no way of knowing that.   


 > 'Attribute' is a special elemental characteristic (magic attribute)
   of a weapon.
   >> There are 10 possible attributes, all of which can be applied to 
      any weapon.
      + Attributes can be added to the weapon by synthesizing crystals 
        or other items.
      + The attribute's strength can be increased as the weapon levels 
        up and is built up again. 
      + The strongest elemental attribute is ALWAYS in effect, every 
        time the weapon is used. 
      + If there are two attributes of equal strength, the major 
        attribute of the weapon is the first in the list.
        - For example, Flame is listed first, followed by Lightning,
          Chill, and Cyclone in that order.
        - If Flame and lightning have the highest number (say 100 
          each), the major attribute defaults to Flame.
        - If you want the weapon to have the lightning attribute, 
          Lightning must be increased to above 100.
   >> The elemental attribute can be changed by increasing that 
      attribute until it is the  strongest. For example:
      + If one of Monica's armbands has an 'Fire' attribute level of
        34; and a 'Lightning' attribute level of 25; 
        - The armband will shoot fire balls.
      + Increase the 'Fire' attribute to 40 and the 'Lightning' 
        attribute to 45;
        - The armband will shoot lightning bolts.
   >> Although building up to a new weapon doesn't require all 
      attributes to be increased:
      + There are circumstances where you may want to build a 
        particular attribute.
      + For example, in Rainbow Butterfly Wood Floor 1, there are a 
        lot of Skeleton Soldiers (undead).
        - Throwing a 'Holy Water' after locking on kills the soldier
          fast but you generally don't have many.
      + Most weapons at this point are not strong against the undead.
        - Synthesize 2 or 3 'Holy Crystal' to the weapon to increase
          the 'Exorcism' attribute.
        - More damage is done to the undead.

 *                                           *
 **   Other Weapon Definitions in this FAQ  **
 *                                           *

 > Terms used in this FAQ: 

   'Start-Up' weapons ....... The weapons that Max or Monica have at 
                              the beginning of the game. 
                              - Some of the later weapons found are 
                                'start-ups' of a new line.
   'End-of-Line' weapons .... End product of any weapon; the highest 
                              upgrade a weapon can reach. 
   'Line' or 'Path' ......... The steps for getting from a start-up 
                              weapon to an end-of-line weapon. 
   'Attribute' .............. Characteristics of a weapon that allow 
                              elemental (magic) or non-elemental 
                              (physical) or a combination damage to be 
                              done to a monster. 
   'Level Up' ............... The process of strengthening a particular 
                              - The weapon's name remains the same. 
                              - The level of the weapon increases from 
                                zero (no level number) to +1, +2, etc., 
                                up to +15 or more, for example:
                                # A Stinger Wrench that is at the 5th 
                                  level is 'Stinger Wrench+5'. 
                                # A Destruction Armlet at the 12th level 
                                  is 'Destruction Armlet+12'. 
   'Build Up' ............... The process by which a weapon is upgraded 
                              to a new and stronger weapon. 
                              - The attributes of the weapon increase.
                              - The weapon's name changes and there is 
                                no longer a + amount (the level of the 
                                new weapon is zero). 
                              - The new weapon has to be leveled up 
                              - You will probably have to level up 
                                more times for the next upgrade before 
                                you will be able to build up again.


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 +                         2. TYPES OF WEAPON                          +
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 **            Right-Hand Weapons           **
 *                                           *

 > Max's Right-Hand Weapons.
   >> Since Max is a 'fix-it' person, his right-hand weapons are 
      based on the tools of Wrenches or Hammers.
   >> There are two basic 'start-up' weapons: 
      + The Battle Wrench. 
      + The Turtle-Shell Hammer. 
      + Later you get Kubera's Hand which is a more advanced hammer, 
        but still a start-up level of weapon though stronger.
   >> There are three end-of-line weapons:
      + The GRADE ZERO which is a wrench. 
      + The LEGEND which is a hammer. 
      + The BIG BUCK's HAMMER. 

 > Monica's Right-Hand Weapons.
   >> Although Monica is a warrior from the future; her right-hand 
      weapons are swords. 
   >> There are four basic 'start-up' weapons. 
      + The Long Sword. 
      + The Baselard.
      + The Gladius.
      + The Bone Rapier. 
      + Later she gets the Holy Daedulus Blade, a more advanced weapon, 
        but still a start-up weapon.
   >> There are five 'end-of-line' weapons.
      + ISLAND KING. 
      + CHRONICLE 2. 
      + MURAMASA. 
      + DARK CLOUD. 
   >> Two very strong, but not 'end-of-line' swords are: 
      + 7th HEAVEN. 
      + GRIFFON FORK. 

 *                                           *
 **             Left-Hand weapons           **
 *                                           *

 > Max's Left-Hand Weapons.
   >> Max's left-hand weapons are guns with the 'ammunition' being 
      bullets, missiles, or beams. 
      + You don't have ammunition but each weapon has WHP.
      + To restore WHP, use 'Gun Repair Powder'.
   >> There are two basic 'start-up' weapons.
      + The Classic Gun. 
      + The Dryer Gun.
      + Later you get Jurak's gun, a more advanced start-up weapon.
   >> There are three 'end-of-line' weapons. 
      + The LAST RESORT (bullets). 
      + The SIGMA BAZOOKA (missile). 
      + The SUPERNOVA (beam)

 > Monica's Left-Hand Weapons.
   >> Monica's left-hand weapons are armbands; they may be are called 
      'brassards', 'armlets', or 'bangles'.
   >> There is only one original 'start-up' weapon:
      + The Magic Armlet.
      + As she progresses through the  dungeons, she gets additional 
        armlets that begin with higher levels of attributes. 
   >> There are two 'end-of-line' weapons.
      + LOVE.
      + Because these are magic-based and there are four different 
        elemental attacks, 
        - Monica could end  up with four different variations of 
          each of the two end-of-line weapons.
        - LOVE with either fire, electrical, ice or wind.
        - FIRE-STAR Armlet with either fire, electrical, ice or wind.

 *                                           *
 **                The Ridepod              **
 *                                           *

 > Although Cedric calls the Ridepod 'Steve', it is a mechanical being 
   meant for riding,
   >> You can only use the Ridepod in the dungeon floors. 
      + It is a riding weapon. 
   >> After the Ridepod gains enough experience to buy Core upgrades 
      and stronger weapons, the Ridepod becomes quite strong. 
   >> Steve is particularly useful in beating the time limits in 
      Starlight Canyon. 
   >> Max can invent a number of Ridepod Items and Weapons.

 *                                           *
 **              Monster Badges             **
 *                                           *

 > The Badges Monica collects (12 altogether) provide Monica with 
   Monster Transformations.
   >> The Monster Transformations can only be used in the dungeon 
   >> Eventually, Monica could transform into a total of 12 different 
      + Before she can transform, she needs to hold the appropiriate 
      + The Badges increase in strength VERY slowly but the Monster 
        in the Badge eventually evolves into a quite strong 
        transformation for Monica.
      + Because of the time it takes, you may want to concentrate 
        on evolving only one or two of the Badges.


 +                                                                     +
 +                             WEAPON STATS                            +
 +                                                                     +

 'Stats' refers to the various measures that can show the weapon's 
 current condition.

 > These are:
   >> Weapon Guages (WHP & ABS).
   >> The Status Screen (attributes).
   >> The Build Up Screen (upgrades).

 *                                           *
 **              Weapon Guages              **
 *                                           *

 Right- and Left-Hand Weapon Guages 

 > There are two guages, one for each equipped weapon (right-hand & 
   >> See Dungeon Screen (see page 18 of the Manual): 
      + Top right side of the Dungeon screen are the guages for the 
        two currently equipped weapons. 
        - The upper icon with its guage is for the right-hand weapon. 
        - The lower icon with its guage is for the left-hand weapon.
      + Each guage is divided: 
        - The upper half of the guage shows red and displays the 
          Weapon Hit Points or WHP available.
        - The lower half of the guage shows blue and displays the 
          Absorption Points or ABS gained during each fight.

 Accessing the Weapon Status Screen 

   >> Item Menu Screen (page 10 of the Manual): 
      + The left half of the screen shows Max's (or Monica's) status.
      + The items numbered 6 in the illustration are the two weapon 
      + In the illustration: 
        - Both weapons have a maximum WHP of 36.
        - The red guage of each weapon is full. 
        - The blue ABS guage of each is empty. 
        - The numerical values for the WHP are attached to the guages:
          # The weapon displayed on the left is the right-hand weapon. 
            -- The numerical WHP values are attached to the icon BELOW 
               the WHP and ABS guage. 
          # The weapon below and on the right is the left-hand weapon.
            -- The numerical WHP values are attached to the icon ABOVE 
               the WHP and ABS guage. 

 WHP (Weapon Hit Points)

   >> The numerical WHP values.
      + The number of (points left)/(maximum number of points) are also 
        - An example of the WHP Points is 56/82. 
          # The first number shows how many hit points are left in the 
            weapon (in the this example, there are 56). 
          # The second shows the maximum number of hit points the 
            weapon can hold (in this example, there are 82). 
          # The maximum number of WHP begins, for early weapons at 36 
            and increases as the weapon levels up/builds up.
    >> When the WHP is low, the weapon bar flashes and a yellow caution 
       sign is displayed. 
    >> When the WHP is zero: 
       + The weapon is broken.
       + The guage flashes red.
       + You cannot use the weapon until it is repaired with either:
         - Repair Powder (yellow bag for the right-hand weapons and the 
           Ridepod's weapon). 
         - Gun Repair Powder (green bag for Max's guns). 
         - Armband Repair Powder (orange bag for Monica's armbands). 

 *                                           *
 **      The Status Screen (Attributes)     **
 *                                           *

 The Weapon Status Screen 

   +++ See page 12 of the Instruction Manual. +++

 > Looking at the illustration:
   >> On the right is the Item Bag, on the left is the Weapon Status 
      + The upper portion on the left shows a picture of the selected 
        - The icon numbered 1 (just above the WHP guage) is the 
          'Ability' of this weapon. 
        - The icon shown is 'Fragile', that is, the weapon is more 
          easily broken (WHP are used up more quickly).
        - As soon as you get an Indestructible Coin, use it to remove 

 Weapon Attribute Screen 

 > Looking at the same illustration:
   >> The lower portion on the left is the Attribute Screen.
      + The manual refers to the 10 listed items as 'abilities'.
      + 'Attribute' is a better word and will be used in this FAQ. 

   NOTE: The attributes of 'Exorcism' and 'Cyclone' on the Manual 
         Page 12 are reversed from the real order in the game itself.
         - 'Cyclone' should be directly above 'Exorcism' (See Manual 
           Pages 14 and 16).

   >> Most weapons require only some of the attributes to be increased. 
             Attribute Screen Info 
           Attack    __ | Durable  __ 
           Flame     __ | Chill    __ 
           Lightning __ | Cyclone  __ 
           Smash     __ | Exorcism __ 
           Beast     __ | Scale    __ 

      + The top six are elemental (magic) attributes.
      + The bottom four are non-elemental (physical) attributes.

   NOTE: The '__' represents the value of the attribute, which, 
         depending on the weapon, may be as little as zero, or a
         s much as 250. 

   >> The example on Page 12 should show the Attributes in the 
      following order:
           Attack    24 | Durable  26 
           Flame      0 | Chill    10 
           Lightning  0 | Cyclone   0 
           Smash      0 | Exorcism 10 
           Beast      0 | Scale     0 

   >> There is a limit to how high the attributes may go for each 
      named weapon (discussed below).

 *                                           *
 **          Attribute Descriptions         **
 *                                           *


 > The higher the attack number, the more damage that can be done. 
   >> Attack always increases when the weapon levels up. 
   >> To build Attack more quickly, synthesize a Power Crystal 
      (+2 points). 

 > An attribute that helps increase the WHP as the weapon levels up. 
   >> The higher the durable number, the greater the increase in the 
      number of WHP when the weapon is built up. 
   >> Since one hit equals reduction of one WHP, the higher the WHP 
      number, the slower the WHP guage is reduced (that is, the 
      durability of the weapon is greater).
   >> Durability increases more slowly than Attack.
   >> To increase Durability, synthesize a Protection Crystal 
      (+2 points). 

 The Four Elemental (Magical) Attributes

 > Whichever of these elemental attacks has the highest value 
   determines which major attribute is held by the weapon.
   + That is, which attribute is used by the weapon against the 

     Flame ....... the Fire attribute.
     Lightning ... the Electrical attribute.
     Chill ....... the Ice attribute. 
     Cyclone ..... the Wind attribute. 

 Other Attack Attributes 

 > These are non-elemental or physical:

     Smash ...... adds power to the effect of the weapon.
     Beast ...... against forest creatures and animals. 
     Exorcism ... against the undead. 
     Scale ...... against reptiles such as turtles, Snakes, dragons.

   >> These contribute to the physical effect of the weapon. 
   >> 'Smash' has an effect against most enemies.
   >> The other three make the weapon particularly effective against 
      the indicated monster.

 Minimum Attribute Levels for Upgrade 

 > Before a weapon can be upgraded, there are miminum levels that must 
   be reached for certain attributes.
   >> What the required attributes are vary with the different weapons.
   >> In order to build up to the new weapon, all required attributes 
      MUST be increased to the minimum level. 
   >> You can increase an attribute above the minimum level but there 
      ia a limit. 
   >> You can add attributes not required if you choose. 
      + For example, the Classic Gun does not need 'Exorcism'.
      + But there are a lot of Skeleton Soldiers in the Rainbow 
        Butterfly Wood. 
      + By increasing the 'Exorcism' attribute, more damage can be 
        done to these undead soldiers. 

 *                                           *
 **      The Build-Up Screen (Upgrades)     **
 *                                           *

 Weapon Status Screen 

 > In the Weapon Status Screen, the pointer is on the picture of the 
   >> The example on Page 12 shows a Spheda Rod.
   >> When you press [X], the question 'Build Up? is displayed. 
   >> Pressing [X] again, displays the build-up choice screen (see 
      the bottom picture on page 15). 
      + The current (named) weapon is shown on the left.
      + On the right are from one to three choices for building up 
        (the illustration has two).
   >> Until the named weapon is actually ready to make the upgrade, 
      the other choices have no name, only three question marks (???). 
      + You can move the pointer to each choice. 
      + Pressing [X] on an unnamed choice (???) displays the attribute 
        screen of the named weapon. 
        - Attributes that need to be built up FOR THAT PARTICULAR CHOICE 
          are flashing red. 
          # The game doesn't show you how many more points the attribute 
            must have. 
        - Move the pointer to each of the weapon choices and a different 
          set of attributes will flash (there may be some overlap). 
          For example: 
          # To go from the Magic Brassard to the Gold Brassard only 
            requires a +4 or +5 level and the Flame attribute's value 
            must be built up from 10 to 17. 
          # To go from the Platimun Brassard to Athena's Armlet may 
            require a weapon level of +9 or more; Flame's value must be 
            built up from 54 to 90, and Exorcism from little or nothing 
            to 90. 
       + Knowing which attributes are needed is helpful:
         - In deciding which attribute to increase. 
         - That way, the Synthesis Points are used to the weapon's 
           best advantage.
         - More detail on what values are needed for attributes are 
           given later: 
           # In the section on Max's Weapons; and
           # The section on Monica's Weapons.

 *                                           *
 **    Accessing The Weapon Status Screen   **
 *                                           *

 > There are two ways to access the the status screen for any weapon: 
   >> By either selecting an unequipped weapon in the Item Bag, 
   >> By moving the pointer to and selecting one of the two equipped 
      weapon guages.

 Unequipped Weapons

 > Use this method for an unequipped weapon (one that's in the 
   Item Bag). 
   >> Go to the Item Menu:
      + Move the pointer to the weapon you are interested in. 
      + Press [X] to pull up the menu for the weapon:

           | Equip       |
           | Status      |
           | Repair      |
           | Spectrumize |
           | Build Up    |
           | Discard     |

 > These options: 

    'Equip' .......... Replaces the selected weapon as the equipped 
    'Status' ......... Selecting this takes you to the Weapon Status 
                       Screen for the selected weapon.
    'Repair' ......... Highlighted if the weapon is below max WHP. 
                       - If you select this option, the pointer 
                         takes you to the Item Bag and you must find 
                         and select the correct repair item. 
    'Spectrumize' .... Allows you to prepare the weapon to become a 
                       Synth Sphere. 
                       - If weapon is less than +5 it will create an 
                         unstable Synth Sphere. 
                       - Effect of attaching an unstable Synth Sphere 
                         to a weapon cannot be predicted and the 
                         results are probably bad. 
                       - NOT RECOMMENDED.
    'Build-up' ....... Can go directly to the build-up screen. 
    'Discard' ........ Throw the weapon away [BUT if you want to be 
                       rid of it, either sell or synthesize it rather 
                       than tossing the weapon away].

 Equipped Weapons

 > The second method, for equipped weapons, also begins in the Item 
   >> Move the pointer left and down to the weapon guages and the 
      icon of the weapon you're interested in.
   >> Press [X] to pull up the menu for the weapon.
   >> This time there are only three options: 

           | Status   |
           | Repair   |
           | Build Up |

   >> Status: 
      + Select 'Status' to get the Weapon Status Screen.

   >> Repair.
      + The choice 'Repair' is highlighted *only* if WHP is less than 
      + You can repair the weapon from here: 
        - The correct repair item is automatically selected. 
        - You don't have to search for it. 

   >> Build Up.
      + Although you can choose 'Build up' at this point, always check 
        'Status' first. 
        - You may have some unused 'Synthesis Points'. 
        - You can also get to the Build Up screen from the Status 
      + Unless the attribute points are at or near max: 
        - Use any Synthesis Points up BEFORE you build up, 
        - At the moment when build-up takes place attribute values 
          often increase slightly.
        - The higher the value of an attribute, the more likely that 
          it will automatically increase on build-up.

 Signs the Weapons Is Ready to Upgrade

 > On the Weapon Status Screen when wavery blue lines rise from the 
   weapon, or in the Item Bag when rising blue arrowheads show beside 
   the weapon, that weapon is ready for a build-up. 
   >> In the Build-Up Screen, the new weapon's name replaces one or 
      more of the '???'. 
      + Moving the cursor to that name and pressing [X] allows you to 
        build up to that weapon. 
        - Sometimes, the weapon that shows up is NOT the best choice. 
        - Just because it's there doesn't mean you have to build to it.
      + When the weapon builds up, the weapon's name changes for 
        example, the Magic Brassard becomes the Gold Brassard. 
      + The new weapon is back to Level Zero (just the weapon's name). 
      + It then must be leveled up again to build to another weapon.
      + Stats to show you the needed attribute and the quantity are 
        listed below. 
        - Because it takes a lot of time to level up several weapons:
          # In this FAQ, I have chosen what I feel are the most 
            useful paths to the best weapons. 
          # See the section on 'Max's Weapons' and the section  on 
            'Monica's Weapons' 

 *                                           *
 **       Factors in Upgrading Weapons      **
 *                                           *

 Building up Max and Monica's weapons is fairly complicated but 
 essential if you are to make progress in the game. In this FAQ, I 
 have tried to make the process as simple as possible. 

 Factors to consider
 1) One question you need to answer for yourself: How much time are 
    you willing to spend in upgrading these weapons. 

 2) If you don't want to spend a lot of time:
    + Concentrate on building up the 'distance' weapons: Guns & 
    + Build up at least one sword *and* one Wrench as high as it will 

 3) Other considerations:
    + Build up the Ridepod as fast as possible. 
    + Build up only one of Monica's Monster Transformations (the Pixie 
      is the first one that can hit at a distance (Chapter 2, Floor 7).



 +                                                                     +
 +              4. BUILDING WEAPONS: THE SYNTHESIS PROCESS             +
 +                                                                     +

 The 'synthesis process' is the name given to the process by which 
 weapons are strengthened and upgraded.

 *                                           *
 **          'End-of-Line Weapons'          **
 *                                           *

 > The 'End-of-line' weapons are those that are the maximum strength 
   weapon on any line or path where upgrading can take place.

 > While there are only a few 'end-of-line' weapons, there are a 
   number of paths that can be taken to get to the end of the line.
   >> The information in this section does NOT address all possible 
      ways for either Max or Monica to build up their weapons. 
      + Building up Max's weapons is fairly straight-forward. 
      + Because Monica has more choices than Max, the build-up process 
        for her weapons is more complicated. 
      + As I have examined the possibilities and actually built up 
        several of their weapons, I have found the least complex paths 
        to the best weapons. 
      + These paths are presented here but as you gain experience, you 
        may wish to experiment. 

 *                                           *
 **      'Spectrumize' and 'Synthesize'     **
 *                                           *

 There are two processes used in building up weapons.

 > This is the process of taking an ordinary item and preparing it to 
   be used in building up a weapon.
   >> When 'spectrumized', the item takes on a translucent rainbow 
      - It still has the same shape as the original item. 
      - Rainbow colors flash and sparkle in the spectrumized object 
        which is now referred to as a 'Synth Sphere'.
      - The reason for using the word 'spectrumized' is that a rainbow 
        is the most common version of a 'spectrum'.
   >> The Synth Sphere may be used immediately or stored for a while 
      in your item bag. 

 > This is the process of taking a spectrumized item, that is a 'Synth 
   Sphere' and attaching it to a weapon.
   >> First:  There must be enough Synthesis Points available for the 
      - Each time a weapon levels up, more synthesis points are 
   >> Second: An item must be turned into a 'Synth Sphere' as synth 
      spheres are the only type of item that can be synthesized to 
      a weapon. 

 *                                           *
 **             Synthesis Points            **
 *                                           *

 > At the beginning of the game each weapons haa a few built-in 
   >> They are not very strong: 
      + it requires several hits to defeat an enemy. 
   >> The enemies you meet at first are also not very strong, but 
      several hits are still needed. 

 Leveling Up

 > Levelling up increases the effectiveness of the weapon. 
   >> Absorbing Synth Drops increases ABS.
      + When the ABS guage is full, it causes the weapon to level up. 
   >> When the weapon levels up, the number of Synthesis Points 
      + At first, each time the weapon levels up, 3 Synthesis Points 
        are added.
      + As the weapon builds up to higher types, more (4 or 5) Synthesis 
        Points are added on level-up.
      + Having certain people in your party increase the number of 
        Synthesis Pointss by one.
        - Gerald, Max's father, increases Synthesis Pointss for Max's 
        - Milane increases Synthesis Points for Monica's swords. 
        - Lin increases Synthesis Points for Monica's armbands. 
          # Lin is available for only a short time. 
          # While you have her in your party, level up the armbands 
            as much as possible.
      + Adel in your party increases WHP for the weapons that are 
        NOT equipped. 
   >> Attaching Synthesized items to weapons.
      + As synthesized items are attached to a weapon, the efectiveness 
        against enemies weak in that attribute increases. 
      + For example: 
        - The undead, such as Skeleton Soldiers, are weak against 
          'Holy' so synthesize exorcism crystals.
      + Pixies are weak against 'Wind'. 
      + Pumpkinheads are weak against 'Fire'. 
      + Mimics are weak against 'Smash'.

 *                                           *
 **      Items That Can Be Synthesized      **
 *                                           *

 > Any item except Key Items (for list see FAQ 'Items and All That 
   Stuff) can be synthesized to a weapon. 
   >> Crystals are the most common items used in synthesis.
   >> Coins can be synthesized:
      + Coins add a 'special ability' rather than an attribute. 
      + Two built-in 'abilities' (on some weapons) need to be removed 
        from a weapon by synthesizing its opposite:
        - 'Poverty' (reduces gilda gained from a battle) is 
          counteracted by the 'Wealth' coin. 
        - Fragile (uses up more WHP) is counteracted by the 
          'Durable' coin. 

 Synthesizing Crystals

 > The most commonly synthesized items are the crystals.

 > There are ten different crystals, Each one allows you to increase 
   one of the ten different attributes of any weapon. 
   >> Attributes are listed below left (the __ represents a number 
      which can range from 0 (zero) to 200 or more). 
   >> Below right is the list of Crystals which match the attribute 
      in the same position. 
      + The number beside each crystal name is the number of attribute 
        points a single crystal can add when it is spectrumized. 
      + Several of the same crystal can be spectrumized at the same 
      + But there needs to be one Synthesis Point for each crystal 

       Attribute Screen Info      Number of Points for a Single Crystal
     __________________________   _____________________________________

     Attack    __ | Durable  __     Power       +2 | Protector  +2
     Flame     __ | Chill    __     Fire        +3 | Ice        +3
     Lightning __ | Cyclone  __     Lightning   +3 | Wind       +3
     Smash     __ | Exorcism __     Destruction +3 | Holy       +3
     Beast     __ | Scale    __     Hunter      +3 | Sea Dragon +3

 Description of  Crystals

 > A description of the crystals when picked up in a treasure chest is 
   given below: 
    Power .............. Orange at top shading to red at the bottom 
                         with the shape of a sword on it.
    Flame .............. Mix of yellow, orange, and red (looks like 
                         red-hot lava).
    Lightning .......... Mauve mixed with cream-colored zig zags to 
                         suggest a lightning flash.
    Destruction ........ Grey with cracks all over it (looks like 
                         chunks of broken stone). 
    Hunter ............. Greenish brown with pale grey and cream 
                         vertical markings all over it (fur?). 
    Protector .......... Green with a turtle shell-like appearance.
    Ice ................ Patches of several shades of blue.
    Wind ............... Streamer of pale tan/cream across aqua 
                         colored patches.
    Holy ............... White and pink with a little pale grey.
    Sea Dragon ......... Blue with fish scale-like markings.

 > The crystals, when stored in the item menu, have similar colors 
   but there is less detail. 
   >> Colors range from top to bottom of the crystal: 

    Power .............. Gold through orange to red coloring; no 
                         outline of the sword. 
    Flame .............. Red through cream.
    Lightning .......... Purple and cream zigzag. 
    Destruction ........ Light to dark gray with a greyish-gold center.
    Hunter ............. Shades of greenish-brown; without 'fur'.
    Protector .......... Pale to dark green.
    Chill .............. Very pale to dark blue - snowflake pattern. 
    Wind ............... Pale & mid-green in a hurricane-like swirl.
    Holy ............... Cream center and pinkish edge.
    Sea Dragon ......... Pale to dark aqua, turtle-shall pattern. 

 Jewels can be synthesized 

 > There are 15 different jewels:

    Amethyst           Monster Drop (rare)       Ruby
    Aquamarine         Moon Stone (rare)         Sapphire 
    Diamond            Opal                      Sun Stone (rare) 
    Emerald            Pearl                     Topaz 
    Garnet             Peridot                   Turquoise 

   >> The difference between 'crystals' and 'jewels' is:
      + Each crystal only has a single attribute. 
      + Jewels have two or more. 
   >> Jewels can (later in the game) be bought. 
      + The diamond costs 30,000 gilda. 
      + The rest cost 10,000 gilda. 

 > Jewels are useful because each one raises more than one attribute, 
   for only one synthesis point per jewel, as shown in the chart below. 

Jewel       |Attk|Dur-|Flame|Chill|Lght-|Cy-  |Smash|Exor-|Beast|Scale|
            |    |able|     |     | ning|clone|     | cism|     |     |
Amethyst    | 10 |  - |  -  |  -  | 10  |  -  |  5  |  -  |  -  |  -  | 
Aquamarine  |  - |  5 |  -  | 10  |  -  | 10  |  -  |  -  |  -  |  5  |
Diamond     |  5 |  5 |  5  |  5  |  5  |  5  | 10  |  5  |  5  |  5  |
Emerald     |  - |  - | 10  |  -  |  -  |  -  |  -  | 10  | 10  |  -  |
Garnet      |  - |  - |  -  | 10  |  -  |  -  |  -  | 10  |  -  | 10  |
Opal        |  - |  - |  -  |  -  | 10  |  -  | 10  |  -  |  -  |  -  |
Pearl       |  - | 10 |  -  |  -  | 10  |  -  |  -  | 10  |  -  |  -  |
Peridot     |  5 |  - |  8  |  -  |  -  |  -  |  -  |  8  |  8  |  -  |
Ruby        |  - |  - | 15  |  -  |  -  |  -  | 15  |  -  |  -  |  -  |
Sapphire    |  - |  5 |  5  |  -  |  -  | 15  |  -  |  5  |  -  |  -  |
Topaz       |  - |  - |  -  | 10  |  -  | 10  |  -  |  -  |  -  | 10  |
Turquoise   |  5 |  - |  -  |  -  |  5  |  -  |  -  |  -  | 10  | 10  |
Moon Stone  |  8 |  8 |  -  | 15  |  8  |  8  |  8  |  8  |  8  |  8  |
Sun Stone   |  8 |  8 | 15  |  -  |  8  |  8  |  8  |  8  |  8  |  8  |
Monster Drop|  6 |  4 |  4  |  4  |  4  |  4  |  4  |  4  |  4  |  4  |

 Items can be synthesized

 > Each item provides a +2 addition to a specific attribute.

 > Examples: 
   >> Stamina Drink ...... +1 Attack.
   >> Bread............... +2 Flame.
   >> Hunk of Copper ..... +2 Lightning.
   >> Rolling Log......... +2 Smash.
   >> Thick Hide ......... +2 Beast.
   >> Sticky Clay ........ +2 Durability.
   >> Double Pudding ..... +2 Chill.
   >> Bundle of Hay ...... +2 Cyclone. 
   >> Holy Water ......... +2 Exorcism
   >> Antidote Drink...... +2 Scale.

 > There are too many items to list them all.
   >> When you select 'Spectrumize' for any item: 
      + The screen displays what attribute will be provided. 
      + You can cancel if you don't want that attribute.

 Synthesizing Coins.

 > There are 10 different coins. 
   >> Each one adds a special ability to the selected weapon. 
   >> At first, most coins come from treasure chests, particularly 
      ones that are locked.
   >> Later in the game you can buy more.

 Coin               Cost     Description
 Dark ............ 1,500 ... Dark orange devil's head agains grey 
 Indestructible .. 1,500 ... Yellow & tan shield; Weapon icon is 
                             yellow & red shield.
 Poison .......... 4,000 ... Light green skull on dark green.
 Wealth .......... 4,500 ... Yellow shape on tan. Weapon icon is 
                             yellow on green,
 Time ............ 6.500 ... Orange hourglass. Weapon icon is yellow 
                             dot on grey.
 Bull's Eye ...... 6,500 ... Tan shape on dark tan. Weapon icon 
 Bandit .......... 7,000 ... Green hand on dark green background.
 Absorption ..... 10.000 ... Yellow spirals on green.
 Healing ........ 10,000 ... Pale blue star agains dark blue.
 Experience ..... 12,000 ... Pale blue against dark blue.

 > There are 12 Special Ability Icons (See Manual Page 13) that can
   be attached to the weapon when synthesized.

 Special effect Icon        Description of Icon
 Dark ..................... Similar to the Dark Coin..
 Indestructible ........... Similar to the Indestructible Coin.
 Fragile .................. White shield broken with blue markigs.
 Wealth ................... Yellow shape on green,
 Poverty .................. Yellow shape on grey (sort of ice cream 
                            cone shape). 
 Time ..................... Yellow dot on grey.
 Bull's Eye ............... Yellow diamond on tan. 
 Poison ................... Greenish skull on green.
 Bandit ................... Green on dark green.
 Absorption ............... Yellow spirals on green.
 Healing .................. Pale blue star agains dark blue.
 Experience ............... Pale blue mushroom-like object against 
                            dark blue.

 > Some weapons come with a Special Weapon Effects icon already in 
   place when Max receives them. 
   >> Two of these are not coins and the effect of each one is 
      negative for the weapon. 
      + One effect is called 'Fragile' and WHP reduces  more quickly. 
      + The other effect is called 'Poverty' because the enemies give 
        very few gilda. 
   >> Another coin, the Dark Coin, has a somewhat negative effect. 
      + Although the weapon with this special ability hits harder, 
        some of the HP of the person using the weapon is lost.

 Ability/Coin      Symbol            Special Effect
 Bull's Eye ...... Precision ....... Increase attack, add small amount 
                                     of health. 
                                     - Special effect = 'Critical'
 Dark ............ Sacrifice ....... Increase attack, lose small amount 
                                     of health. 
                                     - Remove with Bull's Eye Coin.

 Indestructible .. Solidity ........ More difficult to reduce WHP.
                                     - Special Effect = 'Durable'.
 Fragile ......... Broken Shield ... Easier to reduce WP. 
                                     - [No matching coin.] 
                                     - Remove with Indestructible Coin.

 Wealth .......... Prosperity ...... Increases gilda dropped by 
 Poverty ......... Yellow on grey .. Decreases gilda. 
                                     - [No matching coin.]
                                     - Remove with a wealth coin.

 Experience ...... Growth Symbol ... Increases amount of Synth Drops.
                                     - Special effect = 'ABS Up'. 
 Absorption ...... Assimilation .... Absorbs some of the monster's 
                                     damage as HP. 
                                     - Special Effect = 'Absorb'.
 Bandit .......... Capture ......... Steals enemy items.
                                     Special Effect = 'Steal'.
 Time Coin ....... Passage ......... Freezes enemy's motion for a 
                                     period of time. 
                                     - Special Effect = 'Stop'.
 Healing Coin .... Curing .......... Helps person rocover some health.
                                     - Special Effect = 'Heal'. 
 Poison .......... Contamination ... Poisons the enemy.

 *                                           *
 **   Making a Weapon into a Synth Sphere   **
 *                                           *

 > When *any* item is synthesized, the result is called a 'Synth
   > The only items that cannot be synthesized are 'Key Items'.
     + Key Items include the Cooking Stove, the Help Receiver, the 
       Camera, the Badge Box, etc. 
     + Weapons can, under certain circumstances be made into Synth 
       Spheres; that is, they can be synthesized.

 > To synthesize a weapon, they must be at least at a +5 level. 
   >> The cost in Synthesis Points is 1 point for each weapon level. 
      + For example: 
        - A +5 weapon requires 5 synthesis points.
        - A +12 level weapon needs 12 Synthesis Points. 
   >> For a weapon, the synthesis process reduces the amount of each 
      attribute already held by the weapon. 
      + For example, on synthesis:
        - An attribute with 15 points transfers only 9 points.
        - An attribute with 11 points only transfers 6.
        - An attribute with 5 or 6 points transfers 3. 

 Synthesize Weapons When they are at +5 

 > Less time is needed to take a basic weapon to a +5 level than it 
   does to take a more advanced weapons to a +5 level. 
   >> Sometimes it pays to take a weapon that is well developed (that 
      is, further along the path to the end-of-line weapon) and 
      synthesize it.
      + Since, after build up, a weapon returns to a level zero you 
        don't have to have  more and more Synthesis Points as the 
        weapon builds up. 
      + You still must raise the weapon to level +5 before you should 
        spectrumize it. 
      + The advanced weapon has many higher valued attributes so the 
        loss in those values has less impact.

 Attaching a Synthesized Weapon

 > Considerations in deciding to synthesize a weapon. 
   >> Don't try to synthesize a weapon that has less than the 
      level '+5'. 
      + You will only create an unstable synth sphere.
      + Who knows what kind of damage could be done? 
      + Remember that if you plan to use a weapon for synthesizing:
        - If you build it up to a new weapon, the new weapon is 
          back to zero experience.
        - You must built it up to +5 again before you can Synthesize 
          the weapon. 
   >> Remember that attribute amounts are reduced on Synthesis:
      + Consider if the loss of attribute amounts is worth it.
   >> You have to balance the time saved against the loss of attribute 

 > Why would you want to attach a synthesized weapon to one you're 
   building up?
   >> You can attach any weapon Synth Spere to any other weapon (call 
      it the target weapon) even if they are of different kinds.
      + For example, a gun Synth Sphere (which has the shape of a gun) 
        can be attached to one of Monica's armlets.
   >> It doesn't matter what level the target weapon is at. 
      + It just has to have the right number of Synthesis Points. 
        - So you should do it before the target weapon is Built Up. 
        - Ideal time is when you have just enough Synthesis Points. 
        - For example, if the target weapon must have 5 Synthesis 
          Points to attach a spectrumized weapon:
          # Suppose the target weapon adds 3 Synthesis Points each time 
            it levels up. 
          # You would need to level up to 6 Synthesis Points. 
          # That's the time you would want to attach the spectrumized
        - On the other hand, suppose the target weapon adds 5 Synthesis 
          Points each time it levels up.
          # You would only need to level up once.
   >> The higher the level of a weapon, the longer it takes to Level Up. 
   >> Early weapons, like the Battle Wrench, the Classic Gun, the 
      Magic Brassard, the Long Sword, the Baselard, the Gladius, build 
      up to a Level +5 much more quickly. 

 Attaching Synthesized Weapons - Disadvantages

 > Disadvantages to ataching a spectrumized weapon:
   >> When you make the Synth Sphere, only between 1/2 and 2/3 of the 
      attribute points are transferred. 
   >> For example if the Battle Wrench is brought to +5 *without* 
      attaching any synthesized crystals or other additional 
      + The chart below shows the before and after of Spectrumizing 
        the weapon (-- means zero points or 'not needed'). 

         Battle Wrench+5                After Spectrumization
      Attack    18 | Durable  15        Attack     ? | Durable   9     
      Flame      2 | Chill    --        Flame      1 | Chill    --    
      Lightning -- | Cyclone  --        Lightning -- | Cyclone  --  
      Smash      5 | Exorcism --        Smash      3 | Exorcism -- 
      Beast     -- | Scale    --        Beast     -- | Scale    -- 

      + When spectrumizing the lowest weapons, the attribute 'Attack' 
        does go up, but the game doesn't tell you by how much (?). 

 Example of Synthesizing a Weapon

   >> A Battle Wrench can be leveled up to its maximum (as a Battle 
      Wrench) before synthesizing it:
      + Attack maximum is 20.
      + Each of the other attribute's maximum is 19 (including 
      + Doesn't matter if you add more Synth Spheres, none of the 
        attributes go up above maximum.
        - It is just a waste of time and materials.
      + Note: To get the attributes higher than 19, you must first 
        build to a higher weapon, such as from Battle Wrench to 
        Drill Wrench.
      + A Battle Wrench, after going through four build-ups 
        (Drill Wrench, Smash Wrench, Stinger Wrench, Poison Wrench), 
        can be built to the Sigma Breaker Wrench. 
        - The Sigma Breaker needs the following as *minimum* 
          attribute levels.

                    Sigma Breaker 
             Attack     91 | Durable   --      
             Flame      -- | Chill     --  
             Lightning 108 | Cyclone  108 
             Smash      -- | Exorcism  -- 
             Beast      90 | Scale     86 

      Note 1: No number is given for Durable because this attribute 
              doesn't have a *required* minimum. 
              + Durable builds more slowly than the other attributes. 
              + The higher Durable is, the faster your weapon's WHP 
              + It is wise to attach some spectrumized Protection 
                Crystals to each of your 'to keep' weapons fairly 
                early in the game.
      Note 2: No number is given for Fire or Smash because these 
              attributes don't have a *required* minimum. 
              + The attributes of 'Fire' and 'Smash' are needed by 
                the Smash Wrench (both at a minimum of 18) but 
              + No increase to these attributes needs to be made 
                after that. 
      Note 3: So if you plan to synthesize a Battle Wrench+5 in 
              preporation for the Sigma Breaker you need to increase 
              Attribute Points for
              + Lightning (6 crystal use 6 Synthesis Points)
              + Beast (3 crystals use 3 Synthesis Points) 
              + Cyclone (use 4 Synthesis Points) [or to 18 for 2 more 
                Synthesis Points)
              + Scale (use 6 Synthesis Points)
              + Total Synthesis Points needed: 19.
              + This is what the result would be:

       Battle Wrench+5 Stats      |    After Spectrumization
      Attack    18 | Durable  15  |  Attack     ? | Durable   9     
      Flame      2 | Chill    --  |  Flame      1 | Chill    --    
      Lightning 18 | Cyclone  12  |  Lightning 10 | Cyclone   8  
      Smash      5 | Exorcism --  |  Smash      3 | Exorcism -- 
      Beast     12 | Scale    18  |  Beast      8 | Scale    10 

 Using a Synth Sphere

 > Assuming the target weapon has enough Synthesis Points and you have 
   made a +5 weapon into a Synth Sphere: 
   >> Pick up the Synth Sphere and move it over to the target weapon. 
   >> Press the [X] button once and the attribute shows flashing blue 
      attributes (the ones that stay white don't change).
      + The attribute numbers alternate between the current attribute 
        level and what the level will be after the Synthesis.
      + Before finalizing the synthesis, always check the attribute 
        list to see how many attribute points are going to be 
   +++ CAUTION +++
       If an attribute on the target weapon is already at maximum 
       or close to it: 
       + There may be no transfer OR a transfer of only 1 or 2 
         points even though more are available. 
       + The game will not allow an attribute to increase more than 
         the maximum for that weapon.

 Summarizing Advantages and Disadvantages    

 > There are advantages to making a weapon into a Synth Sphere but 
   plan before you ever use it in battles 
   >> You can level that weapon up with only the desired attribute(s). 
      + But you can't take the attribute above maximum.
      + Remember: the Level Up happens when the blue ABS guage is 
      + If you have a high level weapoon, such as Max's Wild Cat gun, 
        using a weapon Synth Sphere may pay off in time saved.

 > There are also disadvantages. 
   >> You need to weigh the following:
     + The loss in Attribute Points when you spectrumize the weapon.

     + The amount of crystals you use for the Synth Sphere 
     + What the target weapon could have gotten if you attached those  
       crystals directly to it instead. 

     + The amount of time you spend developing the weapon to become a 
       Synth Sphere 
     + The amount of time you would have to spend to raise the target 
       weapon to a similar level.
   >> The Synth Sphere made from a weapon requires *more than one* 
      Synthesis Point to attach it to the target weapon. 
   >> Since a Synth Sphere
      + Of a +5 weapon requires 5 Synthesis Points; 
        - the target weapon must have at least 5 Synthesis Points 
      + A +9 weapon Synth Sphere requires 9 Synthesis Points. 
      + And so on. 
   >> Generally, it is better to stop at +5 when you plan to make the 
      weapon into a Synth Sphere.

 > It is Your call!

 *                                           *
 **    Steps in the Synthesizing Process    **
 *                                           *

 > The steps in the synthesizing process are the same regardless of what 
   item is being synthesized 
   >> You can synthesize to a weapon in the item bag as well as one 
      that is equipped. 
   >> These are the steps:

   1. Go to the Item Menu.
   2. Select the weapon (either equipped or unequipped) that you plan 
      to raise attributes on by pressing [X].
   3. Select 'Status' and check how many synthesis points are 
      >> For this process to work, you need at least three Synthesis 
      >> Determine which attribute you wish to increase.
   4. Move the pointer and select the item to be synthesized then 
      press [X]. 
   5. A message screen shows the name of the item with the number 1 
      followed by the statement that the named item: 
      >> 'will become a Synth Sphere that uses 1 Synthesis Point.'
      >> Note: some items use more than one synthesis points. 
   6. Look along the bottom line of the message:
      >> At the beginning of the line is an icon of the direction pad 
         with the [Up] and the [Down] directions highlighted. 
         + You can press [Up] if you want to synthesize more than one 
           of the items. 
         + If you go too high, pressing [Down] reduces the number 
           (1 is the lowest it will go).
      >> In the middle of the line is an [X]: 
         + Press the [X] button to accept the amount you have 
           chosen or:
         + If you change your mind, pressing the [Circle] button 
           will cancel. 
      >> Remember: you cannot attach more synthesized items at one 
         time than there are Synthesis Points. 
         + For example, if the weapon has only 5 Synthesis Points 
           available you cannot attach more than: 
           # Five of the same kind of spectrumized crystal. 
           # A weapon with more than +5 level. 
           # Can you attach more than 5 single items. 
   7. When you press [X], the item is spectrumized:
      + The resulting Synth Sphere is put into an empty slot in your 
        item bag. 
      + The Pointer automatically moves with the Synth Sphere.
   8. Pick up the Synth Sphere by pressing [X].
   9. Move the arrow over to the Status Screen to point at the weapon 
      and press [X] again. 
  10. The Synth Spere increases that attribute of the weapon. 

  NEXT: Go work on getting more Synth Drops so you can repeat the 

 A Sythensizing Process Example

 > Max's Battle Wrench can first be built to the True Battle Wrench; 
   then it can be built to the Drill Wrench.

   >> Battle Wrench --> True Battle Wrench.
      + Only the Attack Attribute needs to be raised from 8 to 13.
      + This is most easily done by simply using the weapon to 
        increase Levels.
      + If you have enough 'Power Crystals' (these are the hardest 
        to come by), AND Synthsesis Points:
        - The weapon will have to be raised at least one level to 
           get 3 Synthesis Points 
        - Note: The process should also up Attack by one point. 
        - Spectrumize 2 Power Crystals (each one adds 2 points to the 
          Attack Attribute.
        - Synthesize the Synth Sphere to the weapon. 

 > You can go directly from the Battle Wrench to the Drill Wrench, 
   however, the True Battle Wrench is stronger that the Battle Wrench

   >> True Battle Wrench --> Drill Wrench. 
      + Attributes needed for the upgrade:
        - The Attack attribute must be raised from 13 to 15; 
        - The Smash attribute must be raised from 5 to 9; 
        - The Beast attribute must be raised from 0 (zero) to 5. 
      + You will need: 
        - Two Destruction Crystals (+6) 
        - Two Hunter Ctystals (+6)
        - Three Attack Crystals 
          # Or just raise the levels enough times to increase attack.
          # Or combine raising attack levels with attaching Attack 
      + Total number of Synthesis Points needed is 7.


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