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What Is Caash (CASH)?

Caash is a decentralized application ecosystem designed to empower people that’ve never been exposed to crypto to not only feel comfortable, but confident while transacting. Caash Solutions (dApps) help people easily swap, stake, store, and spend crypto.

Caash Solutions include:

  • Caash Swap: Decentralized exchange leveraging 1inch API for best pricing
  • Caash Me: Paypal-Like profile link generator to help people recognize your address
  • Caash Pools: Staking platform for CASH and CASH LP tokens
  • Caash Local: Peer to peer marketplace for trading CASH and BNB
  • Caash Wallet: Self custody cold storage wallet compatible with mobile app

Where Can I Buy Caash (CASH)?

CASH is available for trading on a growing number of exchanges like Caash Swap and PancakeSwap, with cryptocurrency and stablecoin pairs currently available.

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