Build Along Leather Pattern 1: Triangular Coin Pouch | Etsy

This digital listing is for a 5 page PDF leather pattern to make the triangular coin pouch shown above. Also included in the price is a 33 minute HD video where I show you how to make the item and give extra tips along the way.

Previews or trailers for all of the build along videos can be viewed at

✾ The pattern contains:

✤ the leather pattern ready to print and use (with help on printing)
✤ instructions on how to make the item
✤ details on what type of leather to use
✤ what tools and hardware are needed

✾ Please note:

► this is a digital listing only, both the pattern and the video are made available to you on-line and can be accessed straight away once purchased
► please read the copyright notice on the front of the pattern carefully before use
► once you have purchased the pattern you may access the tutorial video at

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