Airdrop Beginner’s Guide: What’s an Airdrop and How’s it Work?

In general, airdrops are considered to be a safe and effective way to market your brand and build community. However, that’s not to say that airdrops don’t come with some risks. There’s an extreme amount of scams in the web3 space, and any airdrop should be approached with caution and thoughtfulness every step of the way.

Many airdrop scams consist of an offering that may be hard to resist. These scams will ask you to enter your secret phrase or sign for the transaction using your web3 wallet in order to receive your airdrop, which can lead to your wallet being compromised along with everything inside of it.

If you are ever offered an airdrop, it is crucial that you do your own research and verify that the airdrop is authentic and not a scam. Here are some common signs that an airdrop may be a scam:

  • Requesting that you pay a small amount to receive your airdrop
  • Requesting any private information such as secret phrases and passwords
  • Offering to help you via sharing your screen
  • A new or lookalike NFT or crypto airdrop that’s unverified
  • Links that direct you to a phishing site that makes you sign using your wallet
  • If it’s too good to be true, then it’s likely a scam

If you find yourself in a position where you are questioning the legitimacy of an airdrop, then make sure to take your time to do the proper research and use resources such as Twitter to ask the community about the authenticity of the airdrop.

If an airdrop is legit, then it’s highly likely that you’re not the only one who knows about it, so asking the community is one of the best things you can do.

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