2017 “Peace Through Strength” Silver Clad Liberty $1 Coin

Since Lady Liberty first graced our coinage back in 1793, she has always embodied the finest of American ideals.  Now, she is being honored with a new, non-circulating Cook Islands legal tender .999 pure silver clad dollar presenting the  boldest vision of Liberty yet.  The obverse features Lady Liberty boldly striding towards the future, leading with her shield of “STRENGTH” and flanked by modern American armaments.  In her right hand flies the banner of “PEACE”, her ultimate goal for the United States and the world.  Above her crown is “LIBERTY” which she is committed to defend.  On the reverse, the famous Liberty Bell stands as tribute to the United States of America, with the official Cook Islands imprimatur, and $1 denomination.  Each big silver-dollar-sized coin is clad in 71 mg of .999 pure silver and is available exclusively from National Collector’s Mint.   Don’t wait, order NOW!

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