$20 Gold Double Eagle Liberty Head Type II – Polished or Cleaned

$20 Gold Double Eagle Liberty Head Type II – Polished or Cleaned (Random Year, 1866-1876)



The $20 Gold Double Eagle are extremely rare and have a historical significance for being the first highest denomination coin in American coinage. For those numismatists who are interested in owning historic gold coins, this is a very important coin. Even from an investment point of view, these coins have very high intrinsic value. The Liberty is divided into three types depending on the designs; Type 1 (1849-1866), Type 2 (1866-1876), Type 3 (1877-1907).

Coin Features:

  • Contains .9675 Troy Ounce of .900 pure gold.

  • Type II (With Motto “IN GOD WE TRUST”) ­ Polished or Cleaned Condition.

  • Obverse: A design by James B Longacre, depicts leftward facing Lady Liberty wearing a 

    pearl-studded Coronet with “LIBERTY” inscribed on it. Encircled by 13 stars to represent the 13 

    original colonies of US. At the bottom is year of mintage.

  • Reverse: Features a heraldic eagle with an ornate shield on its breast and holding olive 

    branches and arrows in its talons, design inspired from the Great Seal of United States. 13 

    stars form a halo over the eagle’s head inside which is the motto “IN GOD WE TRUST.” 

    Inscriptions – “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” and “TWENTY D.” Ribbons are 

    inscribed, “E PLURIBUS” on the left and “UNUM” on the right.

  • Individual coins will be shipped in protective plastic flips. Higher numbers will be packed 

    safe for shipping.

  • Minted from 1866-1876, dates and mint mark will be chosen randomly based on availability.

  • U.S. Mint issue from the following mints: Philadelphia, New Orleans, and San Francisco.

  • 100% authentic.

Why Buy Gold Liberty Head Double Eagle?

  • The steady rise in gold over a century and half have increased the value of these Liberty heads 

    by at least sixty times from its value when it was minted.

  • They are rare and have historical significance as the first coin to have the highest denomination in 

    American coinage.

  • It will be a secure investment due to its pure gold content.

  • The liberty head gold coins are a non-reportable asset and free from confiscation.

  • The liberty heads are known to have high numismatic value, so even in an event of drop in 

    precious metal prices, numismatists would still want to buy these coins.

  • Helps diversify and stabilize investment portfolio.

Detailed Information:

The 1849 California Gold Rush brought in abundant gold to United States Mint, which prompted the US Government to consider minting a higher denomination for ease of trade and commerce. The Mint Act of 1792 had authorized $10 Gold Eagle to be the highest denomination till that time. Now the government introduced the $20 Double Eagle for commerce which made it easy for bulk international transactions. It was easy for banks and business men to trade with higher denominations. The new coin on the block was the Liberty Head Gold Double Eagle. It was called Double Eagle as its value was double than the $10 Gold Eagle. James Barton Longacre was the designer of this coin.

Based on the change in designs, the Liberty Head is divided into three types;

Type 1 – (1849-1866) without a motto on the reverse. The shield has straight sides.

Type 2 – (1866-1876) with motto “IN GOD WE TRUST” added in the middle of the oval of stars above the eagle. A rounded and ornate shield replaced the simple straight shield.

Type 3 – (1877-1907) “TWENTY D” was replaced by “TWENTY DOLLARS” and Lady Liberty’s head tilted forward by Chief Engraver William Barber.

The Type 2 Liberty Head was minted from 1866-1876.

In general, the Liberty Head features James B. Longacre’s designs on both the sides;

The obverse features a leftward facing bust portrait of Lady Liberty wearing a pearl-studded Coronet with “LIBERTY” inscribed on it. Encircled by 13 stars to represent the 13 original colonies of US. At the bottom of the main device is the year of mintage and at the truncation of the head can be seen the designer’s signature J.B.L.

The reverse features a heraldic eagle with a shield on its breast and holding olive branches and arrows in its talons, design inspired from the Great Seal of United States. 13 stars form a halo over the eagle’s head. Inscriptions – “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” and “TWENTY D.” Ribbons are inscribed, “E PLURIBUS” on the left and “UNUM” on the right.

In type 2 however, a few changes were made to the reverse design. The oval circle of 13 stars halo above the eagle’s head was enlarge a little bit to fit in the motto “IN GOD WE TRUST.” The shield on the reverse which had a simple straight sides in type 1 now had rococo sides, which gave the shield an ornate look. Along with changing the shapes of the leaves, a ninth leaf was added to the olive branch. The wings and tail feathers of the eagle were also slightly elongated.

The type 2 Liberty Heads are held in high regard considering its top numismatic value and intrinsic value. It is very famous with the collectors. It can also become a wonderful heirloom or a gift for a special someone’s Golden Jubilee Birthday or Anniversary.

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