1996 United States Mint Uncirculated Coin Set

The U.S. Mint began offering uncirculated mint sets for sale to collectors in 1947. The number of uncirculated “business strike” coins included in each set varies from year to year. In certain years, uncirculated U.S. Mint sets contained coins that were only produced to fill these U.S. Mint sets and were not released for commerce.

This 1996 United States Mint set is the 47th year of issue.

This 1996 Uncirculated U.S. Mint coin set includes 11 coins:

  • 2 Lincoln cents
  • 2 Jefferson nickels
  • 2 Roosevelt dimes
  • One Roosevelt dime: struck at the West Point branch of the U.S. Mint.*
  • 2 Washington quarter dollars
  • 2 Kennedy half dollars

One of each denomination struck at the Philadelphia and Denver branches of the U.S. Mint respectively.

*Special Features: Includes the “West Point” Dime. This dime was struck at the West Point branch of the U.S. Mint and bears the mint mark “w” to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Roosevelt dime.

These complete sets of U.S. Mint coins feature uncirculated specimens in every domination for the year of issue. Each unique set represents coins minted for regular commerce by the U.S. Mint. Collectors can be assured that these coins will arrive sealed in the original U.S. Mint packaging.

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