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Call Of Duty Mobile is a shooting game that has become very popular since its release in the year 2019. With the ban on PubG Mobile in some regions, Call Of Duty Mobile has expanded its regions and has become a great alternative worldwide. This excellent shooter collects all the favorite game modes of its community to implement them in the version available for mobile devices, making it a very nostalgic saga of the franchise. 

The developers of the game do not stop holding events which can bring multiple benefits to the players. In this article we will explain how to get the Warzone currency in Call of Duty Mobile

How to get warzone currency in Call of Duty MobileComo Conseguir Moneda Warzone en Call of Duty MobileHow to get warzone currency in Call of Duty Mobile

what is warzone currency

The Warzone coin or war token is a currency of the special event “Task Force 141- Warzone event” that allows you to get rewards when you connect the Call Of Duty Warzone linked with your CoD Mobile account. 

In each of the events held by the Call Of Duty Mobile put a unique currency representative of the event, so that it can serve as an exchange currency in official stores. 

What is warzone currency for?

In Call Of Duty Mobile, when you receive warzone coins you can use them to choose available characters from the Call Of Duty Modern Warfare, as are Gaz, Captain Price and Ghost. You can find one of these skins permanently, so you should think very well before choosing it. 

How to get warzone currency in Call of Duty Mobile

In order to get the Warzone event coins you must complete the following steps:

  1. Link your Activision account in CoD Mobile, to be enabled for other CoD games.
  2. Download Call Of Duty Warzone from your console or PC
  3. Sign in to Warzone with your account linked to Call Of Duty Mobile.
  4. Claim Warzone Coins in the CoD Mobile Featured Event and get the skin of your choice. 
  5. With these steps you can get a warzone coin in the Call Of Duty Mobile and complete the event. 

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